Vaidika and Tantrika cults have co-existed in Bharath from very ancient period. From that time itself, Tantra was confined to a few people. If the theory and practice of Tantra are understood and accepted widely, there will not be any class difference among human beings.

We at Shripuram are a group of people striving to preserve and propagate the philosophy and practice of Tantra.
We have dedicated ourselves to the study and teaching of Tantra.

Our Chair Person


SHE is the great Queen ,who rules over the 118 worlds mentioned in the SHAIVA SHASTRAS .
HER description and details can be known from the LALITHA SAHASRANAMAM.
We are happy & proud to say that SHE is our CHAIR PERSON and everything that you watch and listen to in this site is dedicated to HER who is GURU ROOPINI.

Logo Symbolisation

This logo was given to us by a Sufi Saint. It depicts the Pranava dhwani- the inner sound that a Yogi hears. This represents the face of a Yogi listening to the inner sound.

When the Pranava dhwani is experienced, no external sound can be heard. So the logo does not have ears. The breathe instead of flowing art through the nostrils will become stand still and eyes get concentrated at a single point between the eye brows.

This is also the representation of the great Shambhavi mudra / Bhairavi mudra of Tantra Sastra. It is also called the Mauna mudra (the seal of silence).

Sa Saambhavi Sphurathu”- Let that state of Shaambhavi (Shiva consciousness) spring forth..

Our Activities

  • Preservation of manuscripts by digitizing manuscripts & copying them onto CDs. Later we intend to upload them & make it accessible to all. We have already digitized many manuscripts from various fields. we also collect manuscripts of all sorts.

  • Propagation of the ancient knowledge which leads to academic excellence & self realization. Revival of ancient rituals from the study of manuscripts. We have already done the first tantric yaga in Kerala- the Lalitha Mahayaga- mentioned in the thousand names of Shri Lalitha. Reviving lost rituals & preserving it for the benefit of Mankind & the world.
  • Space for free thinking: we have already started to build a good library by collecting/buying books which will be later open to all interested. This will be a space where nobody have to follow / belong to any cult to use these information.

  • Self actualization: help will be extended to all seekers who need, for their progress.

  • Publication of books which are not published or are out of print in the field of spirituality, particularly in the field of ritual science. We have already published some books and are on the process of publishing more.

Manuscript Department

Our manuscript department is well equipped to digitize manuscripts, both palm-leaf and paper.
Well trained experts are working in this department.
Various works are in progress and we are ready to undertake more in future.

Who are we ?

Shri. Girish Kumar L.
Smt. Jayasree Bhasi
Shri. Dr. Ajithan P. I.
Shri. Damodar Narayanan C. N.
Shri. D. Prakash
Shri. K.P. Sreedharan
Shri. Anoop Krishnan S. U.
Shri. T.G. Vishnu
Shri. Kannan K. S.
Shri. Dinesh S. Babu
Shri. Muralikrishnan M. V.

Shri. Parameswaran Potty V. P.
Shri. Sandeep K.
Shri. Krishnakanth V. P.
Shri. V. Madhavan Nampoothiri
Shri. Pranav Kumar O. S.
Shri. Sreenivas R.

Special Note

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"If you believe in God and He turns out to exist, then you have obviously made a good decision; however, if He does not exist, and you still believe in Him, you haven't lost anything; but if you don't believe in Him and He does exist, then you are in serious trouble."

(An apt quote for the present day when atheism is seemingly in rise from B. Pascal - A scientist from the past.)
- The Difficulty of Being Good by Guru Charan Das.