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Is there any bad consequences with doing pooja at home?

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Question : What if I do a small pooja before a small vigraham of the godess and I discontinue it for some reasons or through the course of time would it bring bad luck to the family? Now a days the astrologers have a tendency to tell that some one has done some sort of aradhana and because of that only the family is suffering ?Please answer..


Answer : When you do pooja to a devata in a vigraha the divine consciousness will manifest there. The manifested consciousness is sustained by the food offering to the devata. When you discard the pooja after some time the manifested divine consciousness is still there & it will become disturbed which will cause problems. It is not that the devata is angry with you but the energy level that is manifested there due to the pooja is not harmonious with you & your family members who are connected with you.

So when you do pooja whether simple or complex it should be with a guidance from a Guru.

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