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Why the population of the world not going down if jeevan takes birth as non-human forms?

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Question : Happened to watch the Peace TV - promoted by Dr Zakir Naik who claims to be a student of comparative religion. He mentions  that in Hindu mythology, if a jeevan does bad deeds, it takes birth in a non-human form. The bad deeds supersedes the good deeds, then the population of the world should go down instead it is going up. Why?


Answer : Dr. Naik has not understood the Sanatana Dharma properly.  It is not actually his fault as instead of trying to understand what this great samskara says, he is trying to use it against itself.  He has not understood the law of karma which says each will have a future based on ones deeds. The Punya & Papa decides to which world one goes after the death of the human body. The number of worlds differ in different traditions. It never mentions that bad will supersede the good. The increase in population can be due to lower beings taking a human form after their death.  According to the Law of Karma rebirth is not restricted to human beings alone. This holy Sastra - the Sanatana Dharma - will reveal itself only to those who are graced by the God. We pray that Dr. Naik will have enough grace at least in his next birth to understand this pristine truth. 


The real Punya is that which leads you to God ; who is actually yourself & the Papa is that which takes you away from God ; who you actually are.

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