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Where can I go to get initiation?

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Answer :


           Don’t go anywhere as you may get trapped. Initiation nowadays has become an emotional / economic trap. If you are not satisfied / adjusted with one Guru, you won’t be allowed to quit. Either the Guru or the fellow disciples will start gossiping once you quit. There are many people / Ashramam that claim that they have the best system. Many of them don’t have any experience / knowledge of the subject they profess. If you are really eligible then the Sastra says that you can be initiated even in the dream state by Yoginis ( the subtle forces at the service of Devi ). Many of the ‘Gurus’are self proclaimed ones. If they or their disciples don’t brag about them then nobody is going to consider / understand them as great ones. Don’t go by the words of others but by the hunch feeling that you get when you meet a real Guru. Wait for a confirmation from within. Real Guru won’t invite you to get initiated but will wait for you to approach like Hayagriva waited for Agasthya to ask for the Lalithasahasranamam.

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(An apt quote for the present day when atheism is seemingly in rise from B. Pascal - A scientist from the past.)
- The Difficulty of Being Good by Guru Charan Das.