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What to observe while chanting/reciting Lalithasahasranamam daily?

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1. Should be physically clean - Take a bath or wash your hands and feet before chanting.


2. Choose a good place and seat to sit - It should be a comfortable place. The best seat to sit is a  folded woollen blanket. 


3. Should be mentally clean. Impurity of the mind is the thought that you are different from the Devi. [To begin with try to be aware of all thoughts. At times you may lose awareness.  Don’t worry; try again.  Slowly the number of thoughts will decrease. It is the different thoughts which create different moods that make you feel you are not the Divine]. Try to have only positive thoughts.


4. Chant with correct pronunciation. Use a CD of Lalithasahasranamam for it or approach a sanskrit scholar.


5. Chant with shradha  & respect - Know that Shri Lalitha Parameshvari is listening to your chanting & watching you.


6. Chant slowly, clearly & loud enough so that you can hear.


7. Try not to hurt others physically or mentally throughout the day (this is the most important rule). 


8. You don’t have to chant/do the nyasam if you are not initiated.  If you are initiated then learn the way from your Guru. Start with chanting the dhyana shlokam (just one will do).


9. Try to understand the literal meaning & the implied meaning.


10. Ponder over the meaning & try implementing it in daily life.


11. Offer the chanting to the Devi at the end of the chanting.

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(An apt quote for the present day when atheism is seemingly in rise from B. Pascal - A scientist from the past.)
- The Difficulty of Being Good by Guru Charan Das.